Quill Pen and Ink Well

Thomas J. Arey
Freelance Writer

PO Box 236, Beverly NJ 08010
E-mail: tjarey@tjarey.com



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     I offer a full complement of Freelance Writing and Editing services including:

  •  Technical Writing
  •  Technology Coaching
  •  Internet/Web Content
  •  Magazine, Newspaper and Internet Publication
  •  Public and Motivational Speaking
  •  Brochures
  •  Marketing and Promotional Material
  •  Newsletters
  •  Press Releases and Public Relations
  •  Training and Development Manuals
  •  Executive/Management Coaching and Consulting

    With 30 + years of writing part time for commercial publications. I am now devoting myself full time to freelance writing projects covering a wide range of subjects. While concentrating on technical and business writing projects, my practice now extends to executive technology coaching as well as marketing in emerging media. I am looking to partner with companies interested in expanding their online marketing content as well as their traditional print media.

  •   I served as Contributing Editor and Monthly Columnist for Monitoring Times Magazine, Brasstown, NC from 1988 through 2010

  •   I am currently serving as a Contributing Editor for The CIDX Messenger, The Journal of the Canadian International DX Association.

  •   I have published articles in Make Magazine, QST, CQ, The Journal of the North American Shortwave Association, QRP Quarterly, American Scannergram, National Communications, et al.

  •   I am the author of the book "Radio Monitoring - A How to Guide" 337 Pages Published 1997 by Index Publishing Group, San Diego California, ISBN 1-56866-101-0

  •   I have conducted workshops related to my published material and workshops on the Freelance Writing process.